Ways to Give Back - Virtually & Locally!

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In November and December, there are many opportunities to be thankful for all we have and to show others how much we care about them. Why not go a step further and find new ways to give back to your community, country and world?

The best way to show gratitude for our good fortune is doing acts of kindness and giving back what we can, and fortunately technology has made it extremely easy to give back in a number of ways. Finding opportunities to volunteer your time, using your skills and talents to help others, or giving a donation has never been easier.

Explore the opportunities in this list and select one, or a few, that you can engage in to show your gratitude during the holidays.

And remember...staying safe and healthy makes a vital difference in your community too!


Start with your Community

- Find your local food bank here: foodpantries.org/st/massachusetts.
- Donate coats and clothing to area shelters. Currently Big Brother is picking up donations of clothing right from your home - schedule online! bbbsfoundation.org/schedule-a-pickup/
- Check in on friends and neighbors. If you have the extra time or hands, consider doing an errand run for a neighbor in need.
- Send happy mail! Especially now, many people would love to get a handwritten letter or card in the mail that reminds them you’re thinking of them.

Shop Local

- Support local restaurants via takeout and gift card purchases.
- Shop online or in person/curbside pickup from local stores.
- Consider purchasing gift cards now from local shops that you can use later. 

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

- A simple phone call - Healthcare workers are being tested physically and emotionally. Services such as Health Hero Hotline allow you to leave messages of appreciation and support. Call 877-226-HERO (4376).
- BeMyEyes.com This app pairs the blind and visually impaired with volunteers via a video call in order to assist with everyday tasks (think reading a recipe on the back of a box or selecting a particular article of clothing from the closet).
- VolunteerMatch.org is a long-running volunteer organization that matches passion and talent with important causes. They have hundreds of virtual volunteering experiences - Learn about virtual volunteer opportunities here,

Furry Friends

- Consider adopting or fostering a pet from a local shelter.
- Animal Shelters are always in need of supplies like towels, blankets, beds, and toys for all sorts of pets. View the wish list of the MSPCA local shelters here.


Download a printable version of the list here.